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Iowa CORE Documents - 21st Century Skills

K-12 21st Century Skills (PDF)


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Synthesize interactive literacy and social skills to establish and monitor personal, family and community goals related to all aspects of health.

Demonstrate communication skills to enhance health and increase safety

  • Communicate effectively to enhance health of self and others
  • Employ effective conflict management strategies. Utilize methods of obtaining help for self and offer assistance to others
  • Demonstrate ways to communicate care, consideration, empathy, and respect for self and others

Advocate for personal, family and community health

  • Promote health messages to meet health needs of a target audience
  • Influence and support others to make positive health choices
  • Collaborate with others to improve family and community health
  • Employ the effective communication methods to accurately express health information and ideas
  • Engage in media and legislative advocacy efforts to promote positive health for self and others
  • Advocate for healthy, violence-free behaviors by using knowledge of the dynamics of power and position