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Wanda Steuri - Dubuque Community School District

Wanda Steuri - Dubuque Community School DistrictI have had the opportunity to work with curriculum for several years. This has given me extensive knowledge of educational system implementations that have helped our children have a better education. One of the best of these implementations has been in the adoption of the Iowa Core for our schools in Iowa.

Prior to the adoption of the Iowa Core, each district was left to their own devices to determine the standard of excellence. While some felt this was a great benefit to districts, since it provided for local control, there were many problems with this model. First, we were not being fiscally responsible in this model. Each district had employees doing the same work across the state.

Next, the only consistency for our children’s education in this model was that every district was working to match their standards to the Iowa Assessments. This led to the next problem in that the testing measures to which we were matching our standards, and in retrospect the education for our children, was at a minimal level of performance. Although there were other problems with this model, these were the most significant.

The adoption of the Iowa Core has solved these problems. We are now being fiscally responsible as we share our resources of time and knowledge across the state. Educators are supporting educators from one end of the state to the other with ideas and teaching methods to support our students’ learning while working to meet the intended outcomes of the Core. We know that when professionals pool their talents and knowledge, improved outcomes are the result.

We also now can be assured that whatever a child’s geographic location is within the state, the child’s school has the same expectations for excellence in educational programming. What a tremendous benefit this is for all students.  

Finally, as an educational system in the state, we are now reaching for a better ceiling of excellence for our students. Our children will be better prepared than in the past to meet the demands of the future career goals and pathways.

Although there are many other reasons I support the Iowa Core, these are the biggest reasons. The Iowa Core is moving Iowa forward in their quest for excellence in education.