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Standards-Based Education Modules

Changing grading practices are just one aspect of a standards-based education. In the three modules of Standards-Based Education, educators can learn from national resources, other states, and Iowa educators who have undertaken this approach and how many aspects of their systems need to be considered in making this significant change.

Module 1: Standards-Based 101: An Introduction to a Standards-Based Approach to Learning - Uses a standards-based education self-assessment rubric to help educators explore their school’s or district’s readiness for the move to standards-based education. By considering this rubric, educators can identify areas that are close to the standards-based ideal, in transition, or not at all standards-based.

Module 2: Standards-Based Classrooms - Uses scenarios and actual standards-based classroom artifacts to explore two essential questions:

  1. What does it mean to be a standards-based classroom?
  2. What are the critical components needed for a standards-based classroom?

Module 3: Standards-Based Systems - Identifies the key conditions for a standards-based system, offers advice from practicing Iowa administrators about what they’ve learned as their system moved to standards-based, and helps participants create a vision and identify next steps in transitioning to a standards-based system.