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Self-Paced Professional Learning in Social Studies

Videos and Webinars

Library of Congress Professional Development Videos

Minnesota Historical Society Video Series - A video series from the Minnesota Historical Society includes several videos on teaching with primary sources, literacy in social studies, concept-based social studies instruction, and more.

Thinkport Education Research Learning Modules - Online modules outlining how to teach with primary and secondary sources and the historical research process.

Teaching Channel Videos - The teaching channel includes over 70 videos that specifically highlight social studies classrooms.

Five College Center for East Asian Studies Archived Webinars - More than fifty archived webinars about teaching East Asian studies.

United States Institute of Peace Webinars - Webinars for educators introduce key issues in international conflict management and peacebuilding and explore classroom resources and strategies for teaching these issues in the classroom.

Building Literacy in Social Studies Statewide Professional Development Webinars

2017-2018 TLC Virtual Coaching Network Webinar Recordings

Online Courses and Modules

Reading and Writing in the Disciplines - An online course from Annenberg Learner provides background on disciplinary literacy and several resources to support it in the classroom.

Writing in U.S. History - A course from PBS Learning Media includes six self-paced lessons for high school students or teachers to look at key topics in U.S. history integrated with writing tools.

Other Resources

Achieve the Core Professional Development - Resources focusing on understanding the instructional shifts necessary to implement the Literacy standards for history/social studies. Resources include instructional practice guides, webinars, guides for creating aligned lessons, etc.

Meet the Promise of Content Standards: Professional Learning Required - Outlines the importance of professional learning when trying to implement new content standards.