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Sara Coleman - Norwalk Community School District

Sara Coleman“… earlier this week, I caught Savannah staring out the window with her little doggy notebook and a pencil, and when I asked her what she was doing, she said, ‘I am observing the moon like a scientist and writing down my observations.’ It was precious”. ~A proud parent~

Science is more than knowing “stuff.” The Iowa Core science standards, through connection to the Next Generation Science Standards, lay the foundation for Iowa kindergarten through 12th grade science educators to help students build sophisticated understanding in three ways:

  • A focus on the Science and Engineering Practices: How do scientists and engineers choose and solve problems?
  • Crosscutting Concepts: How are science disciplines connected?
  • Disciplinary Core Ideas: What is truly necessary for students to understand about the natural world as citizens and members of our future economy?

In my own classroom, students ask questions, gather data, create models, and generate explanations as a scientific community, much as practicing scientists do. In my classroom I see learning, I see connection, and I see the power of the Iowa Core.
My hope is for Savannah to continue her journey of thinking like a scientist and that all Iowa students join her.