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Mathematics Resources
Principles to Actions Professional Learning Toolkit

Principles to Actions Professional Learning Toolkit: Teaching and Learning

Purpose - Develop materials to support teacher learning of the Eight Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices.

Each grade-band module engages teachers in analyzing instructional artifacts (e.g., mathematical tasks, narrative and video cases, student work samples) in order to help them refine or develop practices that support the learning of all students.

Achieve the Core website

Achieve the Core

Free, ready-to-use classroom resources designed to help educators understand and implement the Iowa Standards. (Jason Zimba was a lead writer of the State Standards for Mathematics and is a Founding Partner of Student Achievement Partners.)


April Pforts

Mathematics on


Tools to design instruction that supports all students to meet Iowa Core expectations inĀ mathematics.

Mathematical Content and Practice Standards - Resources for understanding and implementation

Instructional Practices - Resources for understanding Mathematics Instruction

Teacher Resources - Resources for teachers to use for classroom instruction


Tools to engage in assessment for learning and assessment of learning the Iowa Core inĀ mathematics.

Formative - Resources for understanding formative assessments

Standardized Assessment - Resources for large scale assessments

Professional Development

Tools to use in professional development in mathematics.

Professional Learning - Resources for individual and self-paced learning

Professional Development Resources - Resources for use with PLC or District-Wide

Professional Events - Resources for in-state, regional, and national conferences