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Kristin Hatton - Parent and Substitute Teacher

Kristin HattonI support the Iowa Core as a parent and as an educator.

As a parent, I want my children to leave school with the necessary skills to be successful in their post-secondary education and career and I believe the Iowa Core is meeting that goal. I am finding that my children are not only learning the facts that you would expect in literature, science, math, and social studies, but they can discern the reasons why those facts are true. The standards provided in the Iowa Core also ensure that there will be no gaps in their education. As the standards build on each other in each grade level, I know that my children are prepared for more challenging texts and tasks throughout their years in school. In addition, I am pleased with the 21st century skills that my kids are learning. So many aspects of society depend on being able to connect electronically and I feel confident that my children can research, write, and communicate clearly using a variety of technology.

In addition, the standards provide a framework that enables teachers to more clearly meet the needs of their students. With clearly defined outcomes established for each grade, teachers can not only make sure that the students are meeting the grade level goals, but can look back and see what part of the standard a student is struggling with and provide extra support as needed. And when a student is ready for an extra challenge, standards can be combined and used to encourage further inquiry. I believe the Iowa Core standards are enabling teachers and students to engage in learning that is meaningful and challenging at every grade level.