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Best Practices in Social Studies Assessment

What does summative and formative assessment in social studies look like in the 21st century? These resources provide examples of current trends in assessment and research-based ways of thinking about best practices  social studies assessment.

Social Studies Assessment Research

Social Studies Assessment White Paper - Outlines current research around social studies assessment. The paper also explores the challenges of classroom-based versus large-scale assessments and examines some existing models of thinking about assessment.

Criteria for High Quality Assessments

Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High-quality Assessments - Outlines a set of criteria for creating high quality assessments. Note: Some elements of this article are more specific to mathematics and literacy.


The Problem of Knowing What Kids Know by S.G. Grant

Beyond the Bubble by Joel Breakstone

Michigan Performance Assessments of Social Studies Thinking (PASST) by Rebecca Bush

The Lower Level Expectations of High-Stakes Tests by Scott DeWitt

Reading, Writing and Thinking about History by Chauncey Monte-Sano

Designing Assessments Aligned with the C3 Framework